Zoo al Maglio

Zoo al Maglio is a fairly small zoo and is located right on the bank of the Magliasina river. It is a perfect day trip for families with children. Some animals can even be stroked and fed – a special experience for little ones.

The zoo is home to more than 100 different species. Wild cats are particularly well represented, with visitors able to marvel at the king of the savannah – the lion – as well as tigers, leopards and pumas. However, other creatures such as numerous exotic bird species feel equally at home at al Maglio.

Getting here

Train from Lugano SBB to Magliaso. The zoo is right on the main arterial road from Lugano to Ponte Tresa.

Zoo al Maglio-Neggio
Via ai Mulini 14
CH-6983 Magliaso
Tel. +41 91 606 14 93


Florence Zaugg


Corinne Wyssen

direction@rooms.ch031 992 40 20

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