Region lake Geneva

With its lakes surrounded by mountains, the Lake Geneva region offers a natural spectacle which is constantly changing. The cities sat on its banks are also wonderful destinations for holding conferences.

These lakes, surrounded by wineries and beautiful estates against the backdrop of the Alps and the Jura mountains, offer a fabulous and never-ending natural spectacle which locals and guests alike cannot get enough of. Sun, clouds and water play the leading roles in this performance.

The steep vineyards running right down to the lake shore, cultivated for more than a thousand years, enjoy constant sunshine and produce a dry, mineral white wine known as Chasselas. It goes particularly well with lake fish such as char, trout and perch, which enrich local cuisine.

Fish dishes can also be enjoyed on board a white Belle Epoque paddle steamer, while marvelling at the shore landscape with your hair streaming in the wind.

The lakes were once flourishing trading centres, meaning that numerous cities sprang up which now have significant cultural and commercial offerings and are excellent conference venues.




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