Sherlock Holmes museum

In this adventure we meet for the first and last time Sherlock Holmes' biggest adversary, Professor James Moriarty. Holmes had already crossed his path several times and thereby thwarted his plans.

So Moriarty hires some men to silence him. This fails however, and happened and swiftly persuades him to travel to the continent with him, to put not just Moriarty's henchmen, but Moriarty himself behind bars. The two are able to escape Moriarty and travel to Switzerland.

Yet their "holiday" in Meiringen is short lived. As the two are on their way to Rosenlaui, they are stopped by an errand boy, who delivers a message for Watson. In thins message, Peter Steiler, the owner of the small Englisch inn, where they hat been staying, asks them to come at once, because an Englisch lady lay dying and was asking for an English doctor. Watson of course does not take much persuading, leaves Holmes with the errand boy as a guide and rushes straight back to Meiringen.

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Florence Zaugg


Corinne Wyssen

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