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Our coffee expertise is firmly based on a century of roasting experience.

With our own traditional roasters, Regina in Bern and Kolanda in Allschwil, a national distribution network, and a wide range of products and services from the world of coffee, we possess all the necessary tools to offer professional service to professionals.

For over 100 years Regina has focused on the import and refining of fresh green coffee beans from the world’s finest plantations. Regina has become especially well known in the region of Bern and produces high quality coffee using traditional roasting methods.

Kolanda, founded over 70 years ago, is established in the region of Basel. Kolanda specializes in roasting Pure Origin coffees and is one of the few roasters to maintain its own packaging line of teas, herbal teas and infusions.

For over twenty years, Espresso-Club takes care of our French speaking customers. Espresso-Club distributes exceptional coffees and develops integrated coffee- and coffee machine solutions for the gastronomy.


Mario Mohr
Sales Manager
phone: 079 208 35 78




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