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Shyrdaks are felt carpets from Kyrgyzstan. They are characterised by their unique and arrestingly beautiful patterns.
All of our felt products are manufactured purely by hand.
The spirit and power of the Shyrdaks’ patterns, along with its brightly colourful or earthier tones, lend our personal space warmth and expression. Shyrdaks are just as striking when used as a wall-covering. The Shyrdaks’ ancient culture and archaic designs perfectly match contemporary aesthetic and urban lifestyles, to give a one-of-a-kind interior.
Payment is made directly to the producers, without any intermediate trade.
In Switzerland, all carpets are sent to a specialist company for gentle cleaning (with neutral soap) and a treatment providing long-lasting protection from moth infestation.


Filip Haag
Spiezbergstrasse 43
3700 Spiez
phone: 033 534 48 68




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