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What's SCH swiss charme hotels?

This chain of hotels includes many thoroughly delightful properties, ranging from small hotels and
guest-houses to domitories and mountain lodges. They have several things in common. They're invariably and cosy; they're of excellent value. Some have private facilities, some only wash-basins and hot and
cold water; but all have a charming personality.
SCH swiss charme hotels - where you sleep well and pay less!

SCH provides an excellent alternative to the well-known luxury hotels. Where people meet people;
an atmosphere that attracts active outdoor people, adventuresome families and singles ; locals and visitors from all around the world. The value and comfort you get for your money can vary according to the hotel's situation : excellent value can often be found off the beaten track, away from the main destinations.
It's easy and fun to explore Switzerland!

Switzerland is worth more in your itinerary than a few «one night stands». To start your «Swiss Experience»
we suggest that you pick a location to your taste for a few nights, get accustomed and set your bio-rhythm to
the Swiss-way-of-life. Now you start to undertake sidetrips to the major destinations. Quite fast you will realise how easy it is to move around in Switzerland and now you are ready to decide on your next « base-camp »
for a few days according to your newest experiences, your mood and the weather.
This way it's more fun and relaxing to explore good old Switzerland. Switzerland has so much to offer. Remember - within a half day trip you can pretty well cross over the country of Switzerland, but you'll never
see even a quarter of it by just passing through.
Why not get more out of your vacation?

Save packing and unpacking. Switzerland is a very well developed country, small in size, so it's easy to make many excursions from the same location, even using public transport. About one third of Switzerland can be easily explored from the same location. This way it's more fun to explore Switzerland.
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